Goal Setting

When it comes to health and exercise everyone has some sort of goal/desire/aim.

To be skinnier, to be more muscular, Faster, Stronger whatever!

These are good starting points but aren’t exactly clear goals. What do you mean by skinnier? Down a pound, 30 pounds? How will you know if you are faster? To get the most out of setting yourself a goal it has to be S.M.A.R.T.!



Set a clear goal.

Lose 5kg, fit in certain size dress, lift 100 kg. All of these are specific goals that can be worked towards. Make sure its something you are motivated to do and won’t jump to another goal before completing this one. Write it down and start working towards it.



Goals need to be measurable, you need to be able to see if you’re getting closer to your goals or further away. Measure your progress often, see whats working for you and whats hindering your progress.

Aiming to lose 5 kg then the weighing scale is how you measure it. Aiming to fit into a dress then you need to get in to it. Want to lift 100 kg then you need to know what you are currently able to lift.



Goals need to be realistic. Setting a goal that is out of your reach is only setting yourself up for failure, de-motivation and quitting. Sometimes It’s best to start off with an easy goal, something you are 100% confident you can do if you put your mind to it. Achieve this and set you next goal a little tougher every time. Eventually your goals will be seriously tough, take real hard work might scare you a little!



Make sure any short-term goals align with your long-term goals. Setting a  month goal of having the biggest biceps on the team isn’t going to help you get to your long-term goal of actually starting on the team! A better goal would be to work on an area of your game that is weak, a skill, fitness, strength, speed? By setting yourself a short-term goal of becoming the fastest player on the team is much more relevant to the long-term goal.

You also need to make sure your goal fits with your current lifestyle, schedule and commitments. Setting yourself a goal of training 7 days a week with a new baby, moving house and working shifts just might not be feasible at the minute so re-think things.

A deadline can be a good motivational tool


Put yourself under pressure and set a deadline. Anyone that has gone through school knows that nothing gets you motivated like coming up to a deadline!

Having a deadline set too far is no good as you will put it off and too early is no good as you’ll panic and rush things. Set a deadline that is realistic but requires hard work to start straight away. Set a few mini deadlines along the way to keep track of your progress towards the main goal as well if you want.



There you have it, 5 key things to consider when setting yourself a goal. Being too vague, not having a finish line or deadline or setting an unrealistic goal can all play havoc with any chances of you hitting your target. When setting a goal go through each category and make sure your goal is right for you. Once that’s done you just need to make a plan and get to work!


P.S.- Don’t forget to celebrate when you do hit a goal!




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