Pat McMahon Online Coaching Client


When Pat told me he was able to balance a beer can on his belly I had to laugh. I mean how do you decide to test that out!? After we both (I hope!) had a laugh I mentioned online training to him. He’s made some big changes over the last 12 weeks.

Pat moved to Canada summer 2016 and getting settled in a new country, new apartment and new jobs didn’t lend itself to the healthiest diet. This lead Pat to a place where he didn’t want to be.

“I was very inactive for a long time, I literally come home from work and just watched TV.  My weight was starting to get out of hand”.

“I was at home having a beer, and I realized I was able to balance a beer can on my belly, I realized then something had to change”.


Pat was a bit of a gym novice so I kept things simple to start with. His motivation was really high and he picked things up quickly, doing whatever was asked.

“Before this I had never set foot in a gym so this was brand new to me. I was a little bit nervous, but more excited to try something new and make a change”.

“For me it was a lifestyle change, I didn’t like the way I was before, basically lazy, I really wanted to become more active and lose weight as well. Training was a way for me to get out more and build up my fitness at the same time”.

Pat got himself a gym membership nearby and I designed a programme based off what was available to him there and got him started. Just two sessions a week were all we started with. Quickly Pat was getting the hang of things and looking to get an extra session in some weeks and ways to make sessions tougher when energy was high!

“It was tough to start, I’d never done anything like this before and I didn’t really understand a lot of exercises, Eoin made this very easy with video tutorials”

“The training sessions were tough but manageable, they usually lasted about an hour and after you really feel like you’ve had a good workout”.


Along with training I took a look at what Pat was currently eating and knew there had to be changes. I didn’t want things to be too drastic either and overload him with it so we started small and moved on gradually.

“Nutrition was very tough for me because my diet was appalling to begin with, we started off with small changes like cutting down on bread and chocolate, then went from there. Eoin also helped me find replacements for the foods I was eating”

Pat didn’t have to abandon his social life and start living in between the gym and kitchen either! Throughout his time with online coaching he’s still managed plenty of socializing including a weekend in Vegas, touring the country when his parents visited for two weeks, watching the Clare hurlers lose a couple of matches and celebrating a few wins with his local GAA team.

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“Yes 100% all I had to do was make time during the week, each session is only an hour, I can even meet my friends on the weekends for a beer and I still saw amazing results pretty quickly”

Since starting pat has seen some great results and that lifestyle change that he was looking for. From losing weight to looking and feeling better Pat also joined his local GAA team in Vancouver and is looking at more sports clubs for the winter and possibly some triathlons in the future.

“We set a goal of 70kg when I started at 78kg, I achieved this goal in 9 weeks which I was very happy with, I had to buy a new belt as the old one was too big!”.

“I am not as sleepy as I used to be, I have a lot more energy and friends I haven’t seen in a while all comment on my appearance”.

Pat’s goals have changed as he went through the programme, his focus now is away from losing weight on the scales and is currently focused on getting stronger and faster for hurling before the season ends. What was once a struggle, his food now is just a part of his routine. Keeping food nutritious 90% of the time and leaving room for the occasional treat. He has seen great results so far and wants to keep going.

“With online coaching you need to motivate yourself, there is no one in the gym to push you so you need to push yourself to reach your goals”.

“Honestly I can’t think of anything, I couldn’t be happier with my training”

If you’d like to make the same progress as Pat have a look here to see what else is involved in online coaching.


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