How stuff too small to worry about adds up to fat gain

Long term sustainable fat loss should be done in small little adjustments to your diet. Taking out this, replacing that with this and eating more of them. Some things are obvious, you know you’re not meant to eat that tub of ice cream or have those sweets and that should be your first step in removing things from your diet for fat loss. Here though I’m going to discuss the smaller “insignificant” parts to your diet that may all be adding up and holding you back.

Oils & Butters

Are you conscious of how much oil your greasing the pan with or putting over your salad? Do you pay attention when adding butter to things like potatoes? Two very small things but as you’ll get with the theme of this blog all the calories in these add up over the course of a day and a week. It’s easy to overdo it with a bit of olive oil and a table-spoon of oil is roughly 120 calories. Being too generous with the oil on your salad, eggs or stir fry can quickly negate the good you were doing with your food choice in the first place. Instead try using less oil and butter, just enough to do its job or there are oil sprays that really cut down on how much you use. vector-calories-one-tablespoon-olive-oil-eps-59697936.jpg


Some sauces are better than others and some are more obvious than others. Think of ketchup, mayonnaise, Bolognese sauce, soy sauce, caesar salad dressing and jam. It’s so easy to over do it with these sauces and nearly all are loaded with calories. If you’re trying to lose weight it’s best to avoid these when necessary or at the least limit/control the amount you are using.


Teas and coffees

Touchy subject! Tea and coffee are great, it’s whats added to them that adds in the calories. Adding sugar and milk to tea is where all the calories come from. Can you cut back on what you’re adding to yours? Again it may only be a very small amount but all we’ve gone through so far is all adding up everyday. I don’t think I even need to say whats in all those frappes and chocachinos do I? They should be avoided. Also if you’re not able to have a cup of tea without a sneaky biscuit well you know the rest….



Plenty of people myself included recommend nuts as a snack alternative. Nuts are great because they’re tasty, fill you up surprisingly well and are full of healthy fats. At the end of the day though they are fairly calorie dense and if you are over eating them you’re not gonna lose those few pounds. Portion size is key here, a palm full or 30-50 grams is what I’d recommend. Just leave it at that, put the bag away and don’t keep going back for more!


Portion control

All of this really comes down to portion control and it’s the same with any food you eat. Sometimes it’s not enough to eat healthy and you have to start paying attention to the smaller things in your diet that may be holding you back. Have a look at what you are eating throughout the day, see if you can cut down on the oil, stop using sauces, cut out the frappes and keep you portion sizes right. Keep that up for a week or two and see if it has made a difference then let me know!



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