Are days off wrecking your progress?

Whether your goals are fat loss or muscle gain nutrition is going to be a deal breaker. Is there a big difference in your food when comparing days working to days off? Here are a few things to consider.

Days off are great of course you need a chance to recharge the batteries but what they can also lead to is bad nutrition. A few extra hours in bed and lazing about set breakfast back a few hours or maybe you end up not having it at all. Then because your not working that day you don’t have any lunch prepared so maybe you skip it or just pick at something? Dinner can also be hit or miss, Lazing about all day you can quickly get into a lazy mindset so you make a quick and easy dinner that might not be what your goals require! Also depending on whats in your house at the time it can be easy to subconsciously pick at snacks all day, maybe someone brought some sweets into the house and since you are seeing them all day and picking at them you’ve gone through the packet!

Now that was a worst case scenario type of day but did any of those sound familiar or relatable to you? This is all because you’ve got a day off and just went with the flow rather than have any plan food-wise. Now I’m not trying to say that you shouldn’t have a sleep in or sit and watch TV if that what you feel like. If you are seeing a big difference in your nutrition between days on and off and this is slowing down your results then it’s something you’ll want to look at.

The reasons why days in work can be easier to keep on track with your nutrition is because people prep for work. You make your lunch up and have it ready to go, you only have certain times during the day where you get a chance to eat it so that keep you in a good routine. You’re up early before work and you know you need to eat something to keep you going until lunch so you have a good filling breakfast. Snacking can still be a threat depending on your work environment so a bit of restraint is still needed here. When you get home from work dinner can be a tough one still as well, you’re tired and want something quick and easy but if your committed you’ll make the effort here and you could also have that prepared and ready to go.

How to stop days off wrecking your nutrition while still enjoying your day off?

Prepare some lunches and dinners for the next few days. 

It doesn’t have to be a big deal just make a commitment to do a few things to keep on track of your food. Stick with it until you’ve gotten into the habit and then try keep on top of it. Have a think and see where you usually mess things up food wise. Whether its snacking throughout the day of skipping meals commit to getting on top of it. Enjoy your day off while still keeping on track with your nutrition and you can even use it as a chance to cook a few lunches of dinners for the next few days in work. Give this a try and see if it sorts out your weekend nutrition and helps you towards your goals.


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