Personal Training Online


Have gym membership, time and motivation but no clue what to do? Or maybe your just looking to push yourself out of the comfort zone? Hiring a coach could be the thing to get you to your goals.

Online coaching is becoming more and more popular because of the simplicity of it and the fact its cheaper than paying a coach in person. But don’t thick all your doing is buying a training programme this is so much more.

With my online coaching you will get a personalized training programme to follow and updated every 4 weeks, personal nutritional coaching to guide you in the right direction towards your targets, weekly check ins to talk through any roadblocks, successes and what your goals are for the following week and also a coach to answer any questions you have and keep you motivated and accountable.

Personal Training programme

A challenging training programme based on progressive overload (gradually getting tougher). This will be designed based on a number of things personal to you such as;

  • Access to equipment
  • Number of days available to train
  • Injuries or niggles sensitive to certain exercises
  • Goals
  • current condition/activity levels
  • feedback

Nutritional Coaching

Starting off with a food diary to see what your nutrition is currently like we then add weekly changes or goals to try and gradually improve your nutrition to fully support your goals whether they be fat loss, muscle gain or just maintenance. Nutrition is a huge part of any goal and all diets can be improved.

Three day meal plan 

Need to be told exactly what to eat? A three day meal plan can be designed for you to take the thinking out of it. By setting your calorie and macro-nutrient goals into account a daily plan can be made. Just follow the plan and see the results. Meal plan can be reviewed and updated every week. (There is an added charge for this service).

Weekly check-ins

It’s important to continually progress with these things and at the same time reverse if things get too tough. By checking in weekly I’ll know exactly whats needed the following week to help you progress. These can be done simply by email or Facebook and shouldn’t take long depending on how things are going. Times can be set that suit around work or days out.

A Coach to ask questions

It’s invaluable to have someone to ask questions on any thoughts or challenges your facing. Feel free to throw me a question anytime via email.

50 euro per month or 120 euro to jump into 3 months!

Not convinced? Click here to read about other clients experiences with it. 

What are you waiting for?

Drop me an email at if you’re ready to get started on things and we can take it from there or fill in the contact form below and I’ll be in touch!





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